Simon Photography


Nocturn Landscape of Matese Lake

Calm Night

A very calm night over Matese Lake!

Dreams reflected in a starry sky

our dreams are reflected in a starry sky.......

Matese Lake Star Trails

My first attempt to realize a Star Trails Landscape of Matese Lake!

Moon Rising

the moon rises slowly, on a warm summer night and i dream for distant lands where my heart will meet deep emotions .... Matese Lake - Summer 2001 -

Golden Trees in Autumn sunset

Shot of Autumn trees at sunset

Evening Light

Lothlorien in autumn

Warm rays of golden light filtering through the trees giving a dreamlike atmosphere ....


Wild Horse in Autumn Wood

Wild Horse run free in a beautiful Mountain in autumn

Violet sunset in a windy night

Wild Horse in Lothlorien

Laurelin & Telperion

These two trees reminded me a lot of the two sacred trees of Valinor, their colors and appearance so ethereal it gives me peace and quiet.

Dreaming Double Rainbow

Lonely Sentinel

Old bell tower in Campania, Italy

Strong Wind

Landscape of Matese Lake, Campania, Italy.

Violet Moon

Piedimonte Matese under a violet moon

Rivendell at Autumn

Love walking in these woods at autumn...

Small little town

At sunset

Snow on Lake

View of Matese Lake this winter, Campania, Italy.

First Snow

Tilt and Shift: Piedimonte Matese

Lothlorien Woods

Panorama of Lothlorien Woods

Puffy winter

Piedimonte Matese HDR

HDR view of Piedimonte Matese at evening!

Piedimonte Matese: Postcard

Piedimonte Matese

Piedimonte Matese, campania, Italy

Piedimonte matese covered by snow

Calm Sunset

Into the wood

Autumn in the wood of "Piana delle Pesche". Italy

Wild horses

Foto autunnali

Clouds in the Wind

Moonlight over The Lake - Crystal Version -

Final Version of Moonlight Over the Lake, with some noise reduction and High Res Version for Print. For Friends, Enjoy

Wild Horses in Lothlorien

Piana delle Pesche, Foto autunnali.


Evening Landscape

in the evening, my gaze lost horizon... Landscape of Piedimonte Matese - Italia-


Snow on my town....beautiful....

Special Moonlight

......special Moonlight

Matese Lake

Panorama of Matese Lake, Italy

Wild Horses

A Wild Horses....lazy in the middle of misty wood!

Moonlight Sonata

Panorama of Matese Lake, Campania, Italia

Fiery Fountain

Fountain of "Piazza Roma - Piedimonte Matese " at sunset

Fountain at sunset

Warm light at sunset - Lanes of Piedimonte Matese

Beautiful ancient lanes of Piedimonte Matese. Italy

Water Sparkling at sunset

Beautiful moment at sunset

Fountain in Piazza Roma

Fountain in Piazza Roma, Piedimonte Matese, Campania, Italy


Alley in Piedimonte Matese, Caserta Italia


Piedimonte matese under a light snow

Lost memories

Little town

San Marcellino Church

San Marcellino's Church - Piedimonte Matese, Campania, Italy

Snow on the roof

Snow day on Piedimonte Matese at sunrise (2010)

San Biagio - Montepulciano

The church, an example of Renaissance Greek cross central plan, was designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, who was inspired by the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Carceri in Prato, which had been designed years before by his brother Giuliano da Sangallo. The same plan, taken from Filippo Brunelleschi's works, was used for the original design by Bramante and Michelangelo for St. Peter's Basilica, as well as for the church of Santa Maria della Consolazione in Todi, of uncertain paternity. The late Renaissance building was constructed on the site of a pre-existing Palaeochristian pieve dedicated to St. Mary and subsequently to St. Blaise. In the early 16th century only remains existed of the pieve, including a wall with a fresco of Madonna with Child and St. Francis, from a 14th century Sienese painter. The project was supported by Pope Leo X, who had studied under Angelo Poliziano, a native of Montepulciano. The construction lasted until 1580 and, after Sangallo's death, was directed by other superintendents. From Wikipedia

Light of Faith

Cetona Alley


Love Tuscany - 300 - Montespertoli

Church of Cetona [Italy]

Church of Cetona, Tuscany, [Italy]

Landscape of tuscany

A beautiful view of Tuscany's Hill, near Montepulciano. Italy

Montepulciano at Sunset [Italy]

Montepulciano at Sunset, tuscany, [Italy]