Simon Photography

Water Sparkle

Shining secrets in the grass

Small waterdrops in the grass after rainstorm

Morning Pearls

Love this shining little water droplets

Red Peonia

Macro shot of Peonia Flower, this flower is one of my favorities...


Water sparkles

Tiny water droplets after rainstorm

Little shining light!


Green Grass

Green Grass

Spark of Life

Small little flowers

Sparkling :)

Yum! Candies!


Bubbles explosion

bubbles explosion


Blue dandelion

Blue dandelion

Tears of Spring


Violet tears

Small Lights

Iron Flowers

Ladybug and water droplet

Small ladybug

Small Little green world

i love this water droplets...reflect small little world inside...

Tears of golden rain

Tears of golden rain

Golden little flames

Candles of Notredame

Candles consumed

Aurora del Nord

Orange & ice

Frozen fruit

Piece of Happiness



Petali Rossi

Sparkling Bubbles

Piccoli mondi che collidono


Scent of Spring

Diamond Dust

Violet Flowers

Violet Flowers

Paper Butterfly

Butterfly are looking me....

Climbing Ladybug

Small Butterfly

Diamond dust

Sweet christmas cake

Sweet christmas cake

Christmas little Sheeps

Little stars

Winter Magic

A winter magic

Soft Snow

A soft snow

Fire Sparks

intangible sparks of fire

Happy Halloween

Happy halloween from my black Cat!


Dedicated at my dear Friend Batman!